pipeline equipment

Using our extensive knowledge in pipe fabrication and our experience as a contractor for several pipeline companies, we began to work on fabrication of pipeline equipment in 2006. Today, this business line is the fastest growing part of our company. We can produce a variety of complete, pre-assembled units that contain necessary engineering, piping, actuation, electrical controls and instrumentation.

We are especially adept at taking non-specific designs and, working closely with the client, producing a product built to their standards. Our team can consult with clients on design options, assist with material ordering and advise on the best installation practices. In addition, we strive for an extremely rapid response rate both in on-going project communication and in the delivery of products. We are flexible and can adapt and make changes as necessary during the course of the project.

Due to the rapid growth of this part of the company, we recently completed a new 36,000 square foot structure, located next to our existing pipe fabrication facility. The ability of the two to share resources and knowledge has only enhanced our production efficiencies thereby, adding additional value to our clients.

Please contact us directly to find out how we can assist you in your pipeline equipment needs.

Facilities and Equipment

Trade’s pipeline equipment and fabrication divisions share both a common facility and fabrication equipment for all fabricated piping products. In addition, the following facilities and equipment are dedicated to our pipeline equipment division:

  • 37,000 Sq Ft Skid Assembly Shop
  • (1) 20 Ton Overhead Crane - 26 ft hook height
  • 4,000 Sq Ft Hydrotesting / Meter Tube Assembly Shop with 10 tons overhead lift capacity
  • 50 tons Overhead Lift Capacity in Main Shop


Measurement and Regulation
  • Ultrasonic Meter Skids
  • Orifice Meter Skids
  • Rotary Meter Skids
  • Fabrication of Ultrasonic and Rotary Meter Tubes
  • Flow Control/Back Pressure Control Valve Skids
  • Worker/Monitor Regulator Skids
  • Station piping for interconnects
  • Headers
  • Condensate Tanks
Pipeline Integrity
  • Launchers and Receivers
  • Skid Mounted PIG Trap/Valve Setting Packages
  • Valve Settings
  • Installation of Valve Extensions and Actuators
  • Pipeline Transition spools
Odorant Equipment
  • Storage Tanks
  • Expansion Tanks
  • Odorant Flares
  • Blow down Deodorizers
  • Odor Maskers
Additional Services
  • Design and CAD work
  • Design Consultation
  • PE Stamped Engineering Services (third party)
  • Instrumentation and Electrical Design Services
  • Onsite Hydrotesting
  • Painting
  • Budgetary Cost Estimates
  • Onsite storage